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    Technical rubbers

    Technical rubber is used in virtually every sector of industry. Our company has a wide range, both in terms of various types or conditions of use as well as the final design. If required, we supply technical rubbers in the form of semi-finished or finished products in compact or microporous form. We also offer food rubbers suitable for contact with food products, including edible fats of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Our offer includes foam materials or industrial flooring. In addition to industrial rubbers in common formats, we also offer sealing profile rubbers or the production of rubber parts in moulds or by wrapping. Nearly any cylindrical or plate component can be rubberised using the wrapping technology without the need for expensive mould making. Most of the standard technical rubbers in our range are permanently in stock, so we can offer not only very short delivery or production times, but also the possibility of producing atypical variants from a single piece.

    Delivery times: It mainly depends on the batch size and the complexity of products. Our standard delivery time is usually no more than one week of placing the order. Given our warehouse stock we are able to offer production on short notice in emergency situations.

    Petrol Poor Poor Good Poor Poor Poor Poor Excellent
    Lubricating Oils Poor Fair Good Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent
    Acids Fair Fair Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Fair Good
    Alkali Fair Fair Fair Good Excellent Excellent Fair Fair
    Hydraulic Phosphates Poor Poor Poor Good Good Fair Good Poor
    Fluid Silicates Poor Good Good Fair Fair Good Poor Good
    Abrasion Resistance Excellent Good Good Good Good Good Fair Good
    Tear Strength Good Good Good Fair Good Fair Poor Fair
    Impact Resistance Excellent Good Fair Good Good Good Fair Fair
    Resilience Excellent Good Good Good Fair Good Poor Fair
    Impermeable to Gases Fair Good Good Good Excellent Excellent Poor Excellent
    Compression Set Good Good Good Fair Fair Fair Good Good