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    SITTECH CZ, s.r.o. is primarily focused on retail and wholesale of industrial seals; as part of complementary services we also deal with the design and production of industrial seals. Trough its quality policy, the company’s management is committed to the following:

    Relationship to the costumer

    We are a strongly customer-oriented company. The aim of all our activities is always to meet 100% of all expressed and unexpressed customer requirements in the context of high-quality design, production, and delivery of industrial seals.

    Relationship to society and a fact-based approach

    All processes are provided in accordance with the applicable legislative, health, hygiene, safety, and environmental conditions, which are determined by the applicable legislation of the Czech Republic. The company’s management is committed to planning, implementing, and evaluating all activities and processes based on data collection and analysis.

    Relationship to employees

    Each of our employees is convinced of the importance of value to the company’s prosperity and knows his or her responsibility and position in the quality management system. The quality and responsible work of each employee is a guarantee of the success of the entire company. Through comprehensive onboarding, continuous training and management support, our employees are and remain the drivers of our company’s performance.

    Relationship to suppliers

    All of our suppliers are able to deliver to our exact needs and specifications. We only want reliable and quality suppliers – we will evaluate, select and work closely with them to meet our expectations.

    System and process approach

    The company’s management undertakes to regularly verify the functionality of the system. All process outputs are monitored to ensure high-quality inputs to downstream processes. The company provides the necessary support to ensure that all processes are operating, measured, monitored, and analysed to achieve the planned results and continuous improvement.

    Kaizen philosophy

    With this approved and globally recognised policy of improving all processes, we are committed to continuously improving the efficiency of the system in place. Changes in organisation and management are aimed at improving the quality of the company’s production. We understand quality improvement as a systematic and permanent process.