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    About us

    Our main intention is to eliminate the problems of customers in the primary production and maintenance through operational supplies of the necessary semi-finished products, final products or by preparing a technical solution for a specific application. We place particular emphasis on the quality of the materials supplied and the speed of delivery. We are constantly striving to adapt our inventory and production technology so that we can provide comprehensive, operational, and primarily top-quality service to all current and potential customers.

    Formal communication of our company

    • We will provide all support and technical advice
    • Consultation visits directly at your company’s headquarters
    • Regular contact through company representatives
    • We propose a technically and economically advantageous solution
    • We design suitable products and materials
    • We take care of the customer’s stock needs at our expense
    • We provide quantity, turnover, and loyalty discounts
    • We will be happy to visit you anywhere if necessary
    • Some products are specially dispatched within 24 hours
    • We deliver high-quality products and high-quality services in the field