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    Brake linings

    brzdová obložení

    We offer brake and clutch linings as well as friction materials for various industries. We manufacture brake pads and belts for most industrial machines. The friction material can be knitted (WBL) or molded (MBL). All brake and clutch linings can be glued or riveted. In the case of gluing the given paneling, we will provide a suitable type of glue that can be applied both hot and cold. The offer also includes custom carved parts. Do not hesitate to consult with us via the form or phone at any time.

    Delivery times: It mainly depends on the batch size and the complexity of products. Our standard delivery time is usually no more than one week of placing the order. Given our warehouse stock we are able to offer production on short notice in emergency situations.

    Friction materials supply:

    MBL 5820 Molded Final, Semi-finished products (Belts) Medium
    MBL 6800 Molded Final, Semi-finished products (Plates, Blocks) Medium
    WBL 9850 Knitted Final, Semi-finished products (Belts, Plates) High